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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Artsy Bangles Workshop

I signed up for another Christy Tomlinson on line workshop.    It's called "Artsy Bangles".   I've only accomplished two so far as you can see in the picture above.    I'm having so much fun with these.   As you can also see my work space above is a disaster with all the supplies all over it.  The rolled up bracelet is a snap bracelet where you use a water bottle as the bracelet part and you cover with paper, fabric or whatever else you can find to cover it.   Awesome idea, very green  :)     If you like bracelets and want a cool workshop this is the one for you.
Above is the link to her blog, if you scroll down on the left side you will see her online workshops.   If you're into mixed media or looking for something new to do try her "She Art" workshops rock, I've had those and had a great time learning new techniques for working on canvas.   I'm not getting any kind of kick back from her, I just adore her and her talent is endless.  You can also purchase a class kit for $49.99 which is what I did, 99% of what you need to do the workshop is in the kit.  Have fun !

Happy Crafting!

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