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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tmi Holtz September tag

Howdy all !   I've got lots going on project wise, but first up is Tim's September tag.  I didn't have the stamp or the die so I used what I had.   BTW, day 16 of my shopping fast and it's going good,  I've been tempted more than once thanks to Tim Holtz...LOL

So I used the faces in Tim's - classics #4.  I didn't have the Butterfly die so I used the tattered floral garland die.  Here's the tag in the making.

I love the technique of using blending solution to create a ghosting effect. Since I didn't have the single lady I used the group of four .. the more the merrier .. right ?!?!?     Then I used some of Tim's remnant rubs - Life's Quotes and filled in the space to the side.  Since I didn't have the butterflies I used Tim's floral garland and alchol inked some more glossy card stock and cut me some flowers using my vagabond.   I'm not sure what flowers have to do with any of it, but it's what I had :)  lol

So here is the finished tag ..  I wouldn't say it's my fave, but it really didn't turn out that bad .. I wish I would of used the word stamp over the flowers like Tim did with his butterflies .. but I totally forgot. I really need to think out my colors too so that they blend more together.


I will have my CC3 challenge project and a Christy Tomlinson "Art Society" project hopefully done this week and posted.
Thanks for stopping in for a look .... Happy Crafting  !!

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  1. Such a great way of making Tim's September tag! I love the flower idea.