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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

October Afternoon Workshop from ScrapFest 12

Let me start by saying that October Afternoon is one awesome company.  I love ScrapFest for the fact that you get to know the vendors, someone actually involved with the company.   Our teacher for this class works at October Afternoon, she had some title that I couldn't even begin to remember.   Before starting the project she told us alittle about the company.   Everything but two of their products (the pins and sticker sheets) are made in USA.   The most amazing part is that everything is hand packed, yep HAND PACKED.   She told us that they hire retired folks and stay at home mom's who sit and stuff packages.   I thought that was amazing!!

The workshop was called "Story of my Life".  We used their Woodland Park collection.  The kit included their Chip n Stick chipboard, Tin Pins, sticker sheet, label stickers, a pack of die cuts, Their My Life chipboard book and two packs of their chapters (inside pages of book). 

The outside cover was sprayed using their Sprinklers and then we added alphabet stickers to make the title.    The inside of the book is adorable.   We finished about 8 pages and then the rest was left up to us to complete with the left over supplies.    I'm not sure yet what I'll put in mine, but I'm sure the idea will come to me eventually.   Hope you enjoy seeing the projects made at ScrapFest .. more to come  :)

Happy Crafting !!

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