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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Finally tried it .... LOVE it !!!

For a good year now I have been saying that I was going to try art journaling.   I was reading Shari Carroll's blog and she was talking about a new once a month video she was going to do for Simon Says Stamp and Show's website doing an art journal page.     I've had my Dylusions creative journal by Ranger hanging around in my craft room (keeping everything else I bought and haven't used company) and decided it was time to use it .. LOL

So yesterday I finally cracked the band on it and opened it up.  Fired up the laptop and watched the video.  The video is 14 minutes and it's sped up so you can see the whole process in that time.   Wasn't the best way because I had to pause it like every other minute, but it worked.  It gave me ideas on how to create the background.   Best part is I just used stuff I had laying around, if I didn't have something she used (which wasn't much :)  I improvised.    I found this process to stir up all my creative juices that have been laying dormant.    I finished the project and I have to say I'm pretty darn proud of it !!


I also follow Donna Downey's blog and every Monday she has Collage Monday and every Wednesday she has "Inspiration Wednesday".  She takes you through the process of creating journal pages also.  I'll put links to both at the bottom in case you want to try some art journaling.

Thanks for stopping in for a lookey !!

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