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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Doodle .. and ... Hazel and Ruby Team Call

I'm super excited that Hazel and Ruby has put out the call for people to help with projects and designs.  This is a new company that has the most amazing products !   I've recently discovered them and have created projects using their stencil masks .. AMAZING !   So if you're like me and you love their product and want to try .. here's the info ..   Good luck !!

Photo: We are on the hunt! Looking for those of you who love our products and are passionate about handmade. Are you talented, creative and innovative with your ideas? If you are interested in creating amazing projects and ideas for Hazel & Ruby, email me! Please share with your friends!

This would be an amazing opportunity for anyone .. I for one would love to help promote their product in any way I can .. I love it that much.   Heck if they just need a cheerleader .. I"M THERE  :)

When I'm not finding things around the house or at the dollar store to stencil I've been doodling lately.   I took a couple online courses from Stephanie Ackerman at Homegrown Hospitality and just recently started doodling again .. very relaxing ..  here's a couple

I'm working on a couple really cool things with Hazel and Ruby stencil masks (go figure)  so check back and take a look .. I hope to have one posted later tonight.

Thanks for stopping in for a look ... Happy Crafting !!

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