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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Hazel and Ruby Quick Project

Anytime I'm shopping or truth be told even looking at trash .. I look for things to recyle, repurpose or alter in some fashion. I've always been like that even as a kid, only when I was kid I looked for stuff to play office with .. lol    Since I've discovered Hazel and Ruby stencil masks I look at everything with the idea of stenciling it somehow. 

When I was at the dollar store I saw this silver tray ..  had no real good idea what I was going to do with it, but hey it was only a dollar  :)    I have this little blue vase in my craft room with a flower in it and when I saw that I thought it could use a little something more... in comes the silver tray.

It measures 7 1/2 x 11 .. not too big.   So I thought since I was going to place my blue vase on it with the flower I figured the word "bloom" would be perfect.    So I decided instead of using a pattern paper like I normally would to use some washi paper I had in my stash.   I cut a piece and put it on the bottom .. since it has adhesive on the back it bubbled some, I used a craft knife to try to flatten out the bubbles, I got most of them, but after I put the paint on I saw some I missed  :(
Then I applied the stencils, I used the Broadside Alpha .. 2.5 inch.   Painted over the stencils and stood back and thought .. not bad .. lol !   I used my picker tool and removed the stencil masks and put them back on the sheet and cleaned them with a baby wipe.   Here is the final result.

It looks pretty darn cute in my craft room .. it was a super quick cute and cheap project .. my favorite kind. 

Thanks for stopping by for a look .. Happy Crafting !!

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