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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Preparing for snow

Well if the weather guy is right this time we have possibly 10-12 inches coming our way by mid day tomorrow.   To those that live in places like Green Bay, WI .. Go Pac  ...  it's not a huge deal, but to us here in St. Louis we haven't had a snow like this in years.   So we grocery shopped last night and the shelves were picked clean .. we'll probably only be snowed in one day and back to somewhat normal Monday .. people are crazy !!

So I follow Christy Tomlinson and this project was a tutorial on her blog using one of her mixed media kits.    I made two different styles, but the same concept.   

This one I did on a 12x12 flat canvas, eventually I'm going to frame it .. but for now it has a home on a clip board.     The more I do any type of mixed media or art journaling .. I'm discovering that I like messy .. abstract stuff.   Here is the other canvas I did using the same concept
Again my messy take on the same concept.  I love bright colors .. sometimes I just don't know when to quit though, this one I think got a little busy .. but I still like it.   This one again was on a 12x12 canvas.
If I'm snowed in tomorrow I'm sure I'll be in my craft room playing so I'll share what I come up with.
Thanks for stopping in .. Happy Crafting  :)

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