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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Post with no project .. what up with that ??!!

Howdy all !   This is probably a first for me (I think) .. a blog post that doesn't have a project attached.    I've been with the same company for 26 almost 27 years and they've decided to close our office .. while moving to Arizona doesn't sound horrible (Tim & Mario are there) it just isn't an option for me.   So with the knowledge that my job is hanging on by a thread for an undisclosed time it really made me think.

I'm a shopper .. I love shopping and anyone who has this habit of scrapping knows that it's not a cheap one.   They are always bringing out something cooler and better.   I'm an impulsive shopper who buys what I WANT, not what I NEED.   I buy stuff that I"m not even sure if I'll use it and sometimes I buy tools that I don't even know how to work (my gypsy - my Shilouette) .. I"m sure I"m not alone here  :)

So I thought that I would go on a shopping fast ... I know it puts me in a state of anxiety even typing that !   But I'm hoping it might retrain my brain to think before I buy .. because if I will be taking a pay cut my lifestyle will be dramtically changed.

Starting August 1st I'm going to go 31 days with NO SHOPPING !   Now that doesn't mean grocerys or starbucks .. a girl has to drink ;)    My shopping fast will be Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanns, all scrap stores ..  thrift stores (totally into making bracelets out of recycled belts!!)  Target, walmart ..  all of them including online too !!    Now I can still go in and buy candy .. lord knows I"m going to need something to get through this.. lol  Maybe I should get a sponser :)    I just look at my craft room and I have SO MUCH .. I have more than I'll ever use and it just makes me think of how carefree I am about spending money.   Knowing that my job is going away just made me step back and take a look at my spending habits.

My husband isn't quite sure why I'm doing it and I really can't explain to him why I am in when I'm not totally clear on the WHY myself.   My Mom is also on board with my shopping fast so I won't be going at this alone.   We are total shopping buds so it will be equally hard for both of us... but at least we have each other !!     So all in all it's not really about saving money, which I know it should be .. it's just about me NEEDING to do this.   It's not totally clear to me why I decided to do this .. but it's just something I have to do .. it's something in my heart that is leading me to this challenge.

So starting August 1st .. I will start my 31 day shopping fast.  I'll put updates on my blog here  :)     Thanks for listening ..  have a great day !!!!

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