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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Favorite New Company

I am so excited to see all the sneeks everyone is showing of the new products before CHA hits .. actually I think it starts this week ??    But I've recently discovered a new company called "Hazel & Ruby" .. they have some of the most amazing products, so clever !!    I don't really know much about them, but I watched a craft channel video and discovered that Lindsey Moore who was with or still might be with Cosmo Cricket is one of the two founders/creators of the company.    I received a set of the alpha masks and also the sheet of image masks for christmas this year.   I found them at Archivers and had to get them on my list  :) 

I'm going to go home and try to do a quick project using them and hope to have it posted tomorrow. 

So go check out this link for their blog:

From there you'll be able to watch the video they did for My Craft Channel .. you'll be able to see the product in action.   I'm hoping For Keeps Sake will stock some of these goodies, otherwise online I go because I HAVE to have it all.

Thanks for stopping by  .. Happy Crafting !!

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